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Vibrational Sound Therapy, or VST, is a method of deep relaxation using Himalayan singing bowls that can reduce stress and increase emotional well being.  While VST is not meant to diagnose or cure any disease, the use of sound and vibration can allow the body to relax enough for the potential of healing to occur.  VST can produce a meditative state that is therapeutic and enjoyable.

Many clients report feeling deeply relaxed and in some cases fall into a meditative state or deep sleep.  This happens because of the combination of vibration and sound when the singing bowl is placed on or near the body.

The singing bowls used during a VST session are called "Himalayan Singing Bowls".  They are made up of mostly copper and tin, along with traces of other metals.  These beautiful bowls are hand hammered and each produce their own unique sound.  The use of singing bowls goes back thousands of years and are seen in the histories of India, Nepal and Tibet.


What happens during a VST Session?

**Sound therapy has profound effects on the body and mind.

**Breathing and heart rate will decrease allowing the waves of vibration into the tissues.

**Deep relaxation and even sleep are common during this state.

**Feelings of mental freshness have been reported after the session.

**VST allows us to be more internally aware while being more present in the moment and more connected with our surroundings.

**The immune system is at its best when the body is relaxed.

**When the body is relaxed, it is allowed to repair itself instead of responding to outside concerns.

**Relaxation and meditative states of mind have been shown to increase the threshold for emotional response, meaning they can help us control our emotional responses to outside influences.



15 Minute Session      $25

     (front or back of body)

30 Minute Session      $50

     (front or back of body)

50 Minute Session      $85

     (front, back or flip halfway through)


Massage/Vibrational Sound Therapy Packages

50 Minute VST session + 30 Minute back massage  $125​

30 Minute VST session + 60 Minute massage           $125

15 Minute VST session + 30 Minute massage           $65

Vibrational Sound Therapy/Reiki Packages

30 Minute VST Session + 60 Minutes of Reiki            $105

30 MInute VST Session + 30 Minutes of Reiki            $75

Hero Discount

$15 off any service for the following and their spouse: Fire/EMS/Police/911 Dispatchers/All Military and Veterans

Student Discount

$10 off any service

Must show valid school ID

**Discounts applied at time of service.

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