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Cupping is an alternative form of therapy that can help treat both physical and emotional concerns.  Cupping has been around for thousands of years, and in many cultures, but is fairly new to western societies.  Over centuries, cupping has been used for many purposes including helping with pain relief, aiding in relaxation/well being, and improving circulation.  Some cultures believe it moves and unblocks stagnant energy.  Cupping works similar to massage.  Massage is downward pressure where cupping is upward pulling of the tissue.  Cupping can reach down past the skin into your muscles, loosening them, and promoting quicker healing.  Cupping used with massage creates a powerful healing modality.


What happens during a cupping massage?

**This is a Therapeutic Massage with cupping added to it.

**Throughout the massage, the cups will be placed on different parts of the back and remain there while other areas are massaged.

**Silicone cups designed for this therapy create a suction on the skin causing the body to send oxygen rich blood to the area and promote healing.

**This increased blood flow can stimulate the lymphatic system, removing waste from your body.

**Cupping does not hurt but you may feel a slight discomfort or pinching sensation while the cups are on.

**Cupping can leave marks where they were placed, often called Cupping Kisses.  These marks typically fade within a few days but sometimes take up to a couple weeks to be fully gone.

**After a cupping session, be sure to drink plenty of water.  Saunas and strenuous exercising needs to be avoided for 24 hours after session also.



90 minute Cupping Massage       $125

Hero Discount

$15 off any service for the following and their spouse: Fire/EMS/Police/911 Dispatchers/All Military and Veterans

Student Discount

$10 off any service

Must show valid school ID

**Discounts applied at time of service.

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